Master's Message
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​Dear Brethren,
​We have now completed the 1st quarter of our Masonic year and perhaps our busiest and most productive month to date. One of March’s events included the 10th District Masonic Grand Reception where our newest Right Worshipful Brother, Chester Bohanek, Jr. was honored.  
We have also continued to mentor our four (4) new candidates from this year and pass them onto the Fellowcraft Degree. While performing these dutiful endeavors, we have also set in motion the work to be accomplished for our next two (2) fundraisers and a community outreach event with our Scholastic Night, scheduled for June 12th. We have handled our business this year with great efficiency and our level of production is starting to grow. I appreciate all of your hard work and it is nice to see the fruits of our labor starting to show.  

Keep up the fine work my Brothers and I look forward to spending some good times with you at this year’s Grand Lodge Annual 
Communication @ Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel from April 18th to 20th. Don’t forget to reserve your rooms ASAP!

Fraternally yours, 

Ronald P. Pusillo Jr. Worshipful Master

From The East

With the 300-year anniversary of The First Meeting of The Grand Lodge of England (1717-2017), I wanted to take this opportunity to speak to you about a term that has become synonymous with our Craft, the most honorable and ancient of all fraternal organizations;Tradition. Merriam-ebster’s online dictionary defines “Tradition” as: “an inherited, established or customary pattern of thought, action or behavior (such as a religious practice or a social custom).”Those of us that have been involved in The Craft for even a short number of years can easily attest to the fact that Freemasonry is deep-rooted in many, long-standing traditions. Some 
of these traditions are meant to serve us from time immemorial up through the end of time and some are always in need a of a little tweaking here and there. With the ever-changing nature of society, it is important for our Great Brotherhood to understand if and when we should consider adjusting our traditions for the survival of The Craft as a whole and which traditions are better off being left alone.Charles Darwin once wrote that, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Freemasonry, as rich in tradition as any organization to ever form, has had to make certain concessions over the years based on such issues dealing with time, money and availability of its members in the recent decades. For example, in more ancient times, all written forms of communication were to be heavily guarded information, that we learn even in our first degree that we should not print, paint, stamp, stain, cut, carve, write or engrave them on anything movable or immovable...However, with the lack of availability of our Brethren to always be present in the Lodge coupled with our advancements in technology, e-mailing and texting Masonic communications have become an acceptable mode of communication.  We have also seen over these past decades that a number of our Lodges have needed to be shut down and/or merged with other Lodges in order to maintain financial integrity for The Craft as a whole.

So, what traditions can we expect to see updated and/or changed in the years to come?  Well, we have seen over the last few decades that people are working more hours now and have increasing family obligations.  Our generation has often been referred to as the “sandwich generation,” since we are not only raising our children, but also at the same time spending more time taking care of our aging parents, who are living longer. With these new personal and professional challenges becoming more of the norm for all members of society, including our Mason Brethren, we are realizing that the availability level of the Brethren to attend all of the 
different Masonic functions is becoming increasingly more difficult than in years past.  
One update/change that we are seeing this year is that of what some of us Brethren have affectionately referred to as the “Super GLI.” In years past, all of the19 Masonic Districts in New Jersey would have their own separate Grand Lodge of Instruction (GLI) on a specific night. However, this year the Grand Lodge of Instruction will be held on 3 different Saturdays in May and June. This new format allows for the Grand Lodge Ritual Committee members to combine 6 or 7 Districts at once into 3 GLI trips, instead of having to make 19 separate GLI trips.  Another innovation that has recently been discussed in our Lodge for is that of possibly utilizing video conferencing, especially for our elder members. The combination of those members having their Mother Lodge closed and/or merged with another 
Lodge that may be further away from their home, along with the difficulty they may have with driving long distances, especially during night time hours, may make his adaptation a reality.  Either way, we must always be willing to adapt and never let tradition keep us from growing